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Kite Compositor 1.5

Kite compositor animation and prototyping for macos and ios icon
Name Kite_1.5_[TNT].dmg
Size 35.77 MB
Created on 2017-08-27 00:13:16
Hash a045939955ecc155c36e5cea48990eaa9bc39377
Files Kite_1.5_[TNT].dmg (35.77 MB)

Descriptions for Kite Compositor 1.5

Name: Kite Compositor for Mac
Version: 1.5
Release Date: 06 Jul 2017
Mac Platform: Intel
OS version:macOS 10.12 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor

Includes: Pre-K’ed (TNT)

Web Site:

Kite Compositor lets you visually drag-and-drop layers to build complex interfaces on a WYSIWYG canvas. Add animations and tune them with the integrated timeline.

Use the built-in JavaScript scripting environment to enhance the detail of each interaction. Incorporate custom logic and behavior to achieve exactly what you need.

・Timeline – The integrated smart timeline allows you to drag and edit animation durations and keyframes. Snap animation start and end times together for a precise, hand-tuned feel.
・Inspector – A robust and powerful object inspector allows you to edit all of your layers’ properties in just a few clicks. Set colors, ajust animation curves, add CoreImage filters – all at the click of a mouse.
・Library – Drag-and-drop layers and animations from the library to build your interface visually. Save reuseable layer hierarchies into your library for easy component reuse.
・Design on Mac, View on iOS – Are you ready to get a sense of how your designs feel on an actual iOS device? Download the native companion app, Kite Compositor for iOS.
・Import from Sketch – Easily import your designs from Sketch with Kite’s native import feature. Preserve editable bezier paths and text by importing your Sketch layers as native Kite layers.
・Export – Share your designs by exporting a movie or gif recording of your animation.
・Scriptable – Add sophisticated logic to your animations and interactions via the built-in JavaScript scripting engine. Query and make live edits to your running animation from the built-in JavaScript console. Fire animations, add new layers, change properties and much more.
・Built on CoreAnimation – Kite was built from the ground up for Mac using macOS’s native CoreAnimation technology. CoreAnimation is one of the key underpinning graphics technologies on Mac and iOS that produces stunning animations at high framerates.

What’s New in Version 1.5:
・You can now design “peek” and “pop” interactions with two new actions that allow you to set animations or other actions to run for these 3D Touch events
・A new “Pressure Changed” action event is available for iOS and Macs that provide pressure/force
・New actions “Map Event Value” and “Map Layer Value” are available to interactively drive layer property changes from events like scrolling and dragging
・New action “Layer Property Changed” allows you to fire an action when the value of a layer’s property changes.

・Changed:Importing from Sketch now saves the corresponding Sketch layer’s objectID in the Kite layer’s metadata. This is viewable in the ‘Data’ inspector (Thanks Rob M.!).
・Changed:Improved the timeline UI to be slightly taller and sub-second tick marks now scale properly with the rest of the timeline
・Changed:Actions triggered via a “Trigger Actions” Action will not fire if the action is disabled (Thanks Chris S.!)
・Changed:”Mask to Bounds” and “Mask Parent Layer” menu items are now available in the layer context menu and in the Selection menu in the main menu bar.
・Bug fix:Dragging or scrolling a layer that has been animated during a presentation will now always be draggable or scrollable.
・Bug fix:Removed toolbar item space label from showing when toolbar labels are on.
・Bug fix:Fixes bug in Kite for iOS where dragging on the canvas would deliver an event with a (0, 0) point for the last drag event.
・Bug fix:Fixes an issue where undoing the setting for toggling the iOS keyboard state in the inspector would not update the UI’s radio buttons.
・Bug fix:Fixes an issue where sibling Actions of certain Actions like ‘Move With Mouse’ wouldn’t get triggered during the interaction



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